Test purchases


While you get familiar with TUI Musement API, you should be testing more and more on our sandbox environment which is a safe place that allows you easy troubleshooting. The Sandbox environment is totally mirroring our Production environment having another database with all types of activity we offer to our customers. At the same time, we know how important is testing real content when an API integration is in progress. For this reason, we decided to provide a set of test activities that allows partners to test real bookings of TUI Musement products.
Test activities represent major variations of our content and are always kept alive and up to date in Sandbox for your convenience. We invite partners to use them to test a full integration flow: retrieving catalog, checking for availabilities, creating carts, making orders and performing purchases.
Here is the list of test activities. The activity UUID is provided per each type of activity:

  • activity with instant confirmation 4e451a8a-2ee5-493f-aa12-a39f13d7253e
  • activity with need confirmation 0f5821c5-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f
  • activity with extra customer data 1714c6a7-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f
  • activity with participants info 0420c908-981e-4e27-a40f-767e8b66574a
  • activity with participants info and extra customer data 165fcd0d-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f
  • activity with pickup 37cdf113-43d7-43df-ab38-4bc6993b4729
  • activity with open date ticket 82f6f46c-3923-4510-b5ba-b50aad624eb1
  • activity with time slot ticket 5a002d99-781b-479b-9a9d-9efadfd34ec2
  • activity with languages 101dcb56-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f
  • activity with cancellation policy 0f641d85-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f
  • activity with multiple ticket options 37cdf113-43d7-43df-ab38-4bc6993b4729
  • day-based activity d38cea83-02f6-47b3-abd6-5abbf812e27a

Calendar dates you will choose should be at least a month from the day you are testing.

Which data should I fill in when creating a test booking?
When creating a test booking in Sandbox, use the following specifications:

Which will be the status of my order-items in Sandbox?
'PENDING' is the status of most of the order-items in Sandbox as Confirmation functionality is disabled for most activities. We may manually change the status of your test order-items. To do so, please send your order ID to:
[email protected].

Am I going to receive an email after making an order?
Sandbox environment will not send you any email. In case you want to see a proper order email, please contact TUI MM Strategic Partnerships team.


After testing in Sandbox, partners are finally ready to go live with their integration! Anyhow, we can give a chance to test some activities in our Production environment. If you are interested, contact us at [email protected].