Searching an activity

Retrieve all the activities in the catalog

You can get all activities plain, without sorting for relevance by browsing a generic endpoint

Getting all activities

GET {{api_base_url}}/activities

This result can be further filtered and sorted by looking at the reference for /activity endpoint , jump to Activities for further references on specific parameters and all related methods.


You only see what's available

Remember that an activity is a piece of content that runs through a finite state machine composed by different internal statuses.
Moreover, different availability status apply in order to avoid displaying activities which cannot be booked.

As somebody who only reads content or operates cart as a merchant, please note:

  • you should be returned only activities in ACTIVE status. You may encounter status like ARCHIVED and UNAVAILABLE when fetching the detail of an activity which is not bookable, for the time being or definitively.

Filter activities

You can get activities ordered by relevance assigned by our internal score using the following endpoints.

Get all activities of a given category

GET {{api_base_url}}/categories/{categories_id}/activities


Listing limit

By default, GET {{api_base_url}}/categories has a limit of 10 results.
You can add the extension ?limit=XX to get more results.

Example: GET {{api_base_url}}/categories?limit=50

Get all activities of a given venue

GET {{api_base_url}}/venues/{venues_id}/activities

Get all activities of a given city

GET {{api_base_url}}/cities/{cities_id}/activities

Get all activities of a given country

GET {{api_base_url}}/countries/{countries_id}/activities

Today and tomorrow activities


Today and tomorrow activities

These two endpoints do not only consider the availability but also the max_confirmation_time and cutoff_time so that you only get results for activities that can be purchased when making the API call.

max_confirmation_time is the max period of time the supplier need to confirm the reservation.
cutoff_time is the interval from now and the first purchasable datetime.

All today activities of a given city

GET {{api_base_url}}/cities/{cities_id}/activities/today

All tomorrow activities of a given city

GET {{api_base_url}}/cities/{cities_id}/activities/tomorrow

Parameters common to all these endpoints

All the above endpoints , except /activities which has other rules, can be used with the following parameters:




Starting item


How many items


Filter activities by this venue


Filter activities by this city


Filter activities by this vertical


Filter activities by this category


Start date. Use format YYYY-MM-DD


End date. Use format YYYY-MM-DD