Check the Order status

Checking order status after payment has been completed

Once you have filed an order and paid for it, you can follow its status.

An order can flow through different stages and mainly ends in being processed correctly or getting refused, completely of partially: keep in mind you can have several different order items , depending on the composition of your cart, with different policies.

This mix can lead to situation where you have successfully completed the booking for an item, while not for another.


Make sure you check order item status

Be sure to check order item status rather than or in addition to order status.
You can provide Vouchers for every single item as they get processed instead of waiting the completion of the whole order.

What actions should perform over Orders?

Usually, as a Merchant you:

  • pro actively check for the status of a single order. this is just a sanity check, since actually you have more order items which can have totally different statuses, so focus on order items and order items's status rather than order status.
  • must listen to order item status changes through the webhook.
  • retrieve the voucher.
  • lookup for refund policies.