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Registration & Login

Here in this document is described the flow for a Supplier to upload and manage his activities on Musement using our REST API services.

To start creating and editing activities on Musement you need to be a registered Supplier. A Supplier is the issuer or the organiser of the activity sold on Musement platform after this entity agreed to an economic deal with Musement.


POST /supplier-registrations

To register a new supplier you need to post a set of data to this endpoint. Remember that the Supplier just created will be NOT ACTIVE. To activate the Supplier, you need to get the confirmation-token from the response and send it to the next call.


POST /suppliers/{supplier_uuid}/activate

This call is used to activate a Supplier that has been previously created via API. Just send the confirmation-token and wait for a positive response. At this point the Supplier is active and can start creating activities.

When you are ready to create activities on Musement the first thing to do is login with the Supplier's credentials.

Login (oAuth 2.0 standard)

POST /login

To authenticate your user you need to pass a JSON or form with these parameters:

  • client_id={application_client_id}
  • client_secret={application_client_secret}
  • grant_type=password
  • username={supplier_username}
  • password={supplier_pasword}


curl -XPOST \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{

If you get a positive response you will have an access_token that you must use in each of the following calls as a value of the Header "Authorization".
For example: "Authorization : Bearer {your_token}"

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Registration & Login

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