Refund policies

Some activities have refund policies.
To get the list of possible refund policies you can use the endpoint

So for example the

curl -X GET \{uuid}/refund-policies

will return

        "uuid": "cdf7e764-abc9-44a5-9dd5-2084eabe806d",
        "period": "P0DT72H0M",
        "type": "PERCENTAGE",
        "value": 100
        "uuid": "291ac43a-7036-4c67-b193-f8ed858c4813",
        "period": "P0DT24H0M",
        "type": "PERCENTAGE",
        "value": 50

That means that you get 100% of the money if you cancel before 72hours and 50% if you cancel before 24hours.

When you buy an activity refund policies are frozen and can be returned using a specific endpoint. Check Refund policies for order items

When this endpoint return a 404 it means that no refund is possible for this activities or that no refund has been specified for this activity