Price API for Merchant

Accessing Prices for Merchant

Retail prices are publicly available, therefore API do not require auth for such enquires.
Merchant prices are instead the results of specific commercial agreements, thus auth is mandatory.

Retail prices

Retail price

Retail price is the same value we display also on our event page, even before accessing the cart.
That's the best all-inclusive price for a standard ticket you can get as an end customer.

retail_price = [(original_retail_price - service_fee) - discounts%)] + service_fee

Original retail price

Also a price for the end customers rounded.

original_retail_price = round [(supplier_original_retail_price + currency_price_margin), currency_decimal]

Retail price and Original retail price without Service fee

You can find in the API response also the following two keys:


They describe the same concepts as above , except for the service fee which has been removed.

Merchant price


Authorization Required

You won't be able to access Merchant prices without proper credentials: when eligible, please contact your account manager.

Merchant price

The specific price Musement sells products to a specific merchant.
This field is returned only if the application that sends the request has the correct grants.

merchant_price = [(original_retail_price - service_fee) - custom_discount_for_the_merchant%] + service_fee

Please note:
custom_discount_for_the_merchant is a percentage of the supplier_price for each item.
It's not "the same for all ticket types for any given product" because if the price of two ticket types is different, also the merchant_price will be.