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Order item webhook

Order item

Each time an item changes the status, a notification can be sent to a URL specified by the partner.

The HTTP POST contains all information regarding the item that has changed status. The partner can use this information to update the status of the item on their side.

Here an example of the webhook request

curl -X POST \
  https://partner.url.that.receive.web.hook \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "order_id" : "13459345",
    "order_uuid" : "8e9e5c6e-ea7d-4934-8753-f00954f30d00",
    "order_created" : "2018-12-10T13:12:40+0000",
    "order_updated" : "2018-12-10T13:12:40+0000",
    "order_version" : "16",
    "order_item_uuid" : "11045e18-e3ca-42e1-acb4-0d5be75036fd",
    "order_item_created" : "2018-12-10T13:12:40+0000",
    "order_item_updated" : "2018-12-10T13:12:40+0000",
    "order_item_version": "22",
    "order_item_status": "OK"

Setting up the WebHook URL

To set the webhook URL for your integration, please get in touch with your Musement Account Manager.

Order item webhook

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