Recover abandoned cart

Very frequently our partners want to be able to refresh/update abandoned cart so that the customers when going back to their website could have their cart ready.

Cart and Order

The first important thing to take in consideration is that the partners should not make assumptions that the Cart product identifiers will necessarily to be the same as the Order ones. Indeed we should consider the Cart has a data (products) container while the real reliable information is the one contained on the Order once created.

Therefore it is warm welcomed to consider the cart has a temporary data container which once added to a new Order should not be considered anymore. Indeed the dates, products ids and information might change over time.

Then how can I add Musement products with a basket so that a customer when coming back has its products selection?

The idea is to keep tracking of what a customer selected on your favorite storage meaning that you should persist on your side what has been added to the cart (activity uuid, product id, etc..) for every date chosen by the customer and once the customer logs on your site call Musement APIs to rebuild a cart, create the order and most importantly checks if the items are still valid.