Booking flows

How the booking flow is built

The booking flow is composed through a combination of information you should take care of in order to provide both a consistent user experience and to place a correct order within Musement API.

Core building blocks of the booking flow are

  • the booking type of the activity, representing main characteristics
  • the order box which lets the user reserve its spot based on the above-mentioned characteristics.

Basically, the order box consists in a set of features that allows you to take action on an event, based on how the event is shaped.


booking type

in the activity description, you can find "booking_type" information which is extremely relevant to create a proper booking flow.

"data": [
            "booking_type": "CALENDAR-TIMESLOTS",
            "uuid": "bc16acd0-a3f8-4496-a030-a3bea776d4c7",

Values can be

  • CALENDAR-TIMESLOTS: the user must select a day and then a time slot (e.g. entrance in a museum for a specific day on a specific time)
  • CALENDAR-NO-TIMESLOTS: the user must only select the day, time slot is not needed neither asked (e.g. all day ticket for a museum)
  • NO-CALENDAR-FIXED-END: avoid asking the user neither for the day nor for time slots, the ticket is valid forever until a specific day, after which the event stops. (e.g. temporary event, without the need to book a proper day, which lasts only for a few weeks)
  • NO-CALENDAR-FIXED-VALIDITY: don’t show the calendar and time slots, the ticket validity depends on the purchase day (e.g. temporary event but with fixed entrance because of maximum total attendees policies)

Operational days

Operation days underline which day of the week the event is running. Keep in mind to highlight this information in those cases where you are not asking the user to fill in a specific day during the booking flow.

"operational_days": "Everyday except Tuesdays"


Order box elements

Order box elements describe how an activity can be booked.

"order_box_elements": {
                        "type": "array",
                        "items": {
                            "type": "string",
                            "enum": [

Values can be

    • tours-and-activities: a classic event/ticket with steps described in the Workflow guide.
    • tours-and-activities-with-pickup: in addition to the classic flow, you have to select a pickup before asking for dates.
    • contact-form : legacy, in case no automatic integration can be performed, Musement manually takes care of the booking for you.