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List of all possible prices you will find in our APIs

Deprecated Content

See Price API for Merchant or for Supplier.

Retail price

Price that customer will pay.

retail_price = [(original_retail_price - service_fee) - discounts%)] + service_fee

Supplier price

Price paid by Musement to the supplier. This field is returned only when requests are made by a Client Application that has supplier's role.

supplier_price = (supplier_original_retail_price - service_fee) - commission%

Original retail price

Price for the customers. It is the "supplier original retail price" with some rounding.

original_retail_price = round [(supplier_original_retail_price + currency_price_margin), currency_decimal]

Supplier original retail price

Original retail price set by the supplier.

supplier_original_retail_price = (supplier_price + commission%) + service_fee

Please note that the commission is applied only to the supplier_price, not to the service_fee
So, assuming 10€ of supplier_price, 10% of commission and 2€ of service_fee we will have :

[ 10€ + ( 10€ * 0.10 ) ] + 2€ = 11€ + 2€ = 13€
supplier_original_retail_price = supplier_price + commission_amount + service_fee

Merchant prices

The price we sell a specific product to the merchant. This field is returned only if the application that sends the request as the correct grants. custom_discount_for_the_merchant is a percentage of the supplier_price. So it's not "the same for all ticket types for any given product" because if the price of the 2 ticket types is different also the merchant_price is different.

merchant_price = [(original_retail_price - service_fee) - custom_discount_for_the_merchant%] + service_fee


List of all possible prices you will find in our APIs

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