Activity creation

POST /activities

The activity is the single product that will be sold on Musement. It can have different options and prices. With this call you can create the resource with its basic configuration. Localised content, dates and prices are uploaded separately.

An activity can be: "Entrance tickets to MYPLACE" and it can have multiple options like: "Standard ticket" and "Fast track ticket".

Once you have a basic activity, you need to upload all the other resources related to it.

Images or videos

POST /activities/{activity_uuid}/media

Localised content

POST /activities/{activity_uuid}/contents

This API is used to upload fields like the description of the activity, the meeting point, what's included or not. You can upload all this content in different languages. In each call you need to specify the local_code you're uploading.

In this API it's possible to provide with html content as values of the fields. The allowed html tags are:



POST /activities/{activity_uuid}/timed-seasons

Timed-seasons are time spans delimited by a from_day and a to_day in which you can define a schedule for your activity.

For example:
from February 01 to May 31,

  • every Mon, Tue, Wed at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 "Standard ticket" : 10€ Adult, 8€ Child
  • every Sat, Sun at 11:30 "Guided visit": 20€ Adult, 18€ Child

POST /activities/{activity_uuid}/open-seasons

Open seasons can be configured for activities that do not require a specific schedule. For example if you're selling an entrance ticket that entitles the owner to get in the attraction whenever he wants within 365 days from the purchase.

GET /suppliers/me/price-features

This call is used to know which price features (Entrance, Tour, ...) are available to use creating a season.

GET /suppliers/me/ticket-holders

This call is used to know which ticket holders (Adult, Child, ...) are available to create a season.