Activity Classification

We have two different ways to organize activities: by type or by geographical location.
Activities are organized by type using Categories, Verticals, Lists and by geographical location using Cities and Venues.
Below you can find a brief description of how to filter activity.

Geographical activity classification


The cities we cover with available inventory


The main POI we cover with activities available there, such as Vatican Museums, Eiffel Tower and more.

Type-related activities' classification


Regarding categories you can use two different endpoint:

  • list categories
curl --location --request GET ''
  • tree level categories
curl --location --request GET ''

The difference between two endpoints is in the output format. /categories returns a list filterable for level (1,2,3,…) and for parent (father category in the tree). This help to create a tree but with some effort.
The /categories-tree endpoint will return the same data but already organized in tree format, in order to give the possibility to have a better overview of categories for all activities.

Time - related activity classification

Open date

Activities that do not have any schedule info. The customer buy the ticket and then can use whenever he want. There might be restriction for some particular day (Easter, Christmas etc). These restrictions are usually specified in the description.

For these activities the client application doesn't need to show the calendar during the purchase process because no date selection is required.

Open date activities have property open set to true in the activity model.


Tickets are valid for a specific day but there are no time restriction.

Daily activities have property daily set to true in the activity model.

Time based

Tickets are valid for a specific day and time.

Activity status


You cannot filter by status, since /activities endpoint will return only ACTIVE items. By accessing the specific activity details, instead, you can read different status values.

Keep in mind that the complete order Workflow is intended to work only with ACTIVE activities.