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Number of review returns 0

The majority of activities are returning 0 reviews. Is this expected, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Participant question missing from form?

We've recently had orders fail with because of missing customer data, but I don't see where the API indicates these additional required fields. For example, this missing phoneNumber error: ```json { "code": "1448", "message": "Invalid submitted data", "errors": { "extra_customer_data": { "form": { "children": { "7ccadcf3-a902-48c4-9672-852b669dbd14": { "children": { "phoneNumber": { "errors": [ "This value should not be blank." ], "value": "", "type": "text", "required": true, "label": "Phone number" } }, "value": { "phoneNumber": null }, "type": "form", "required": true, "label": "text.profile.7ccadcf3-a902-48c4-9672-852b669dbd14" } } }, "errors": [] } } } ``` Here's how we go about seeing what answers are required for an order: 1) Create a cart ``` POST https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts ``` Request: ```json {} ``` Response: ```json { "uuid": "556bc068-20a9-453b-b8eb-c36d1788a5ba", "items": [], "full_price": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "full_price_without_service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "discount": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "total_discount": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "retail_price": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "retail_price_without_service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "preferred_payment_gateway": "ADYEN" } ``` 2) Add item to cart: ``` POST https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/556bc068-20a9-453b-b8eb-c36d1788a5ba/items ``` Request: ```json { "type": "musement", "product_identifier": "5181916353", "quantity": 2 } ``` Response: ```json { "uuid": "7ea735ff-69d2-47ea-88d0-c410d7fbc875", "status": "PREBOOK_OK", "quantity": 2, "total_price": { "currency": "USD", "value": 68, "formatted_value": "$ 68.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$68.00" }, "total_price_without_service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 68, "formatted_value": "$ 68.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$68.00" }, "product": { "type": "musement", "max_confirmation_time": "P0D", "price_tag": { "price_feature": "Standard", "ticket_holder": "Adult (13-99)", "price_feature_code": "standard", "ticket_holder_code": "adult" }, "date": "2020-10-22 19:00", "id": "5181916353", "title": "Whirling Dervishes live show and exhibition", "activity_uuid": "7ccadcf3-a902-48c4-9672-852b669dbd14", "api_url": "https:\/\/api.musement.com\/api\/v3\/activities\/7ccadcf3-a902-48c4-9672-852b669dbd14", "url": "https:\/\/www.musement.com\/us\/istanbul\/whirling-dervishes-live-show-and-exhibition-136852\/", "cover_image_url": "https:\/\/images.musement.com\/cover\/0087\/22\/thumb_8621144_cover_header.jpeg", "original_retail_price": { "currency": "USD", "value": 34, "formatted_value": "$ 34.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$34.00" }, "original_retail_price_without_service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 34, "formatted_value": "$ 34.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$34.00" }, "retail_price": { "currency": "USD", "value": 34, "formatted_value": "$ 34.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$34.00" }, "retail_price_without_service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 34, "formatted_value": "$ 34.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$34.00" }, "discount_amount": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" }, "service_fee": { "currency": "USD", "value": 0, "formatted_value": "$ 0.00", "formatted_iso_value": "$0.00" } } } ``` 3) Get the form for the cart: ``` GET https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/556bc068-20a9-453b-b8eb-c36d1788a5ba/form ``` Response: ```json { "customer": [ { "name": "firstname", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": true, "label": "Name" }, { "name": "lastname", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": true, "label": "Last name" }, { "name": "email", "value": "", "type": "email", "required": true, "label": "Email address" }, { "name": "do_you_need_invoice", "value": null, "type": "checkbox", "required": false, "label": "Do you need an invoice?" }, { "name": "birthdate", "value": "01\/01\/1980", "type": "date", "required": false, "label": "Date of birth" }, { "name": "country", "value": "", "type": "entity", "required": true, "label": "Country" }, { "name": "city", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": false, "label": "City" }, { "name": "address", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": false, "label": "Address" }, { "name": "zipcode", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": false, "label": "ZIP code" }, { "name": "mobile", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": false, "label": "Mobile #" }, { "name": "id_number", "value": "", "type": "text", "required": false, "label": "National \/ fiscal code" } ] } ``` Should there be a reference to phoneNumber in this response? Or do I need to look elsewhere?

Test activities not valid anymore

Hi! Could you please confirm that test activity from https://api-docs.musement.com/docs/test-purchases is accurate, because integration tests show that some of them not found, others archived or don't have available tickets or dates. e.g. Activity not found for https://sandbox.musement.com/api/v3/activities/06a5621e-ba1c-4f62-8531-efa20b9ab9b0 Thank you!

Current Number of Musement Products - Plse Verify

Please advise on the current number of Musement Products - our API picks up only 7000

how to find activity's informations from idEvent

Hello ! I have received, last week, an e-mail with an xls listing with new activities. This listing contains idEvent. I tried to get informations for each activity with this idEvent but when i try to do a request like : https://sandbox.musement.com/api/v3/events?ids=237317&limit=10&offset=0 The response is : {"code":"0","message":"Parameter \"ids\" of value \"237317\" violated a constraint \"Cette valeur doit \u00eatre de type iterable.\""} (Shore Excursion small-group Tigre Delta tour from Buenos Aires) If i add many ids, i've got the same result. Can you help me to get the activity uuid from idEvent ? All The Best, C

In booking api how can i fill data for each participant

GET: https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/b5d3ecfc-1bc5-4a55-86b9-3184d9e4f717/customer/schema PUT https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/b5d3ecfc-1bc5-4a55-86b9-3184d9e4f717/customer{ "firstname": "test", "lastname": "test ", "email": "[email protected]", "extra_customer_data":{ "8fa2c6b6-f29c-4ee1-9b48-cc4ff2dd53bf":{ "hotel_name_and_address_within_the_4th_ring_road_of_beijing":"test", "passport_name_number_and_nationality_for_each_participant":"123456", "date_of_birth_for_each_participant":"19910116", "phone_number":"123456789" } } } Thanks

Checking for activity availability and getting a 500 internal server error

Hi - While searching for activity availabilities - getting 500 internal server error. I'm receiving everything else for an activity.

Internal server error

I want to create order,then I get server error.how can i resolve it? RQ: https://sandbox.musement.com/api/v3/orders { "cart_uuid" : "4ff5817e-4223-4f85-b0c6-a12e7228f350" } RS: { "code": "0", "message": "Internal server error." } thanks

How we can get product UUID via website

we can find product from https://www.musement.com/us/venice/excursion-to-the-islands-of-murano-burano-and-torcello-1002/, but how can can get product's uuid? in order to get this product's api infromation thanks many

product_id error

Hi, I have noticed that, when the bearer token changes, the product id for the same product changes too, but if we re-use the same bearer the id does not change. I hope you could fix this bug asap.

Is there a cost to use this API for an OTA?

Apologies, I didn't see this anywhere, but is there a cost to use this API, say if it is integrated into an OTA?

Group type

When searching for activity availabilities, the response is a collection of items under key groups. Each group has a field called 'type'. I have seen this field take the values: "type": "DAY-BASED" "type": "TIME-BASED" Is the significance of this: "TIME_BASED" groups have to select a time slot "DAY-BASED" groups do NOT have to select a time slot Thanks

Specifying Language

For some activity's timeslots, it is possible to specify the language. These languages are detailed in the 'languages' attribute of the slot. However, a product also has an attribute called 'language_codes'. My question is: Is it possible to have products within the same timeslot that have different 'language_codes' which may or may not include all the languages in the 'languages' attribute? And, therefore, you must choose a language at the product level rather than the timeslot level? Thanks in advance.

Build a form using json schame and PHP

Hi guys, I'm using PHP and I would like to create a form based on JsonSchema (for participants info or customers data). I'm looking for a library (in php) that, based on a JsonSchema, creates a dynamic form or any other solution. Thanks in advance

url live environment

Dear all, I would need you to provide me the url of the live environment. We already have an user and pass but we do not have the url and I don´t find it in your API. Thanks ind advance Zuzana

Order Cancellation Issue

While testing order cancellation on https://sandbox.musement.com. We are getting error message as "You do not have the right permission to cancel this booking.". We created the booking with same credential and able to fetch the same. Order Delete Request we redacted the token to avoid security issues curl -X DELETE \ https://sandbox.musement.com/api/v3/orders/fc0089f1-75fb-4a1e-aa88-89d15a1957ae/items/caa3bdce-8e8c-4607-add5-3e04f8cf521d' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer REDACTED' {"code":"7101","message":"You do not have the right permission to cancel this booking."} What is the problem? How can we do successful cancellation? Thanks in advance

Issue with the Manage items API

HI I have an issue with the Manage Items API. We have two scenarios one with participants' information required and the second is to manage items with the child (Handling children Tickets). 1. scenario (participants) In that scenario first, we have to use Manage items API with the proper information Like below curl -X POST \ https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/[CART_UUID]/items \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer ValidAccessToken' \ -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'X-Musement-Currency: USD' \ -d '{ "type" : "musement", "product_identifier" : "249217479", "quantity": 2, "language": "it", "pickup" : "5ee32dbd-898d-4f2e-aa9b-bb430b9a4960" }' We can add one by one more than one item in the cart and the response will come with the Item UUID. These items UUID, I am using for check the participant's information is required or not. like below curl -X GET \ https://sandbox.musement.com/api/v3/carts/[CART_UUID]/items/[ITEM_UUID]/participants/schema \ -H 'Accept-Language: it' \ -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' If is required then I have to push all required participants' information with the item UUID. For Example I am going to buy one tour with two items, Adul and Child In that case, I will call manage item API for two times. one for adding Adult second for adding child Item and I will get two Items UUID from the responses. And then I will call check participant information API for each Item UUID. 2. scenario (Handling children Tickets). According to Musement documentation. Children tickets must be added to the cart only together with adult ones. Like below curl -X POST \ https://api.musement.com/api/v3/carts/[CART_UUID]/items \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer ValidAccessToken' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'X-Musement-Currency: USD' \ -d '{ "type" : "musement", "product_identifier" : "bd1234567890", "quantity": 2, "language": "it", "pickup" : "5ee32dbd-898d-4f2e-aa9b-bb430b9a4960" }, { "type" : "musement", "product_identifier" : "ab1234567890", "quantity": 2, "language": "it", "pickup" : "5ee32dbd-898d-4f2e-aa9b-bb430b9a4960" }' In that case, API responded to me with one item UUID. But I have added two items. In that case, I can't check the participant's required API. because I need two-item UUID. And one thing more I am trying to buy a tour (13982139-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f). I think this tour is working on the Handling children Tickets case. But according to documentation, How do you know if a ticket belongs to a child? When holder_code contains "child" , then it represents a ticket for children. But I am checking holder_code: "number-of-children" this is very confusing things for manage items Please help me how can I handle these case

Best Price Guarantee for tickets booked through API

Hi Team, Does the best price guarantee for activities apply to tickets booked through the Musement API also?

Can't add participants info to carts fails

We can't add participants info into cart when we try to buy louvre 2 tour ticket, uuid of this product is UUID: 1396edd7-2046-11e7-9cc9-06a7e332783f. The body we sent to this api is: [ { firstname: 'hongyu', lastname: 'li', email: '[email protected]' }, { firstname: 'zidong', lastname: 'su', email: '[email protected]' } ] The response we received is: { StatusCodeError: 400 - {"code":"1448","message":"Invalid submitted data","errors":{"participants":{"form":{"children":[{"children":{"salutation":{"errors":["This value sh ould not be blank."],"value":"","type":"choice","required":true,"label":"Title"},"firstname":{"value":"hongyu","type":"text","required":true,"label":"First name"},"lastname":{"value":"li","type":"text","required":true,"label":"Last name"},"email":{"value":"[email protected] ss.paris","type":"email","required":true,"label":"E-Mail Address"}},"value":{"firstname":"hongyu","lastname":"li","email":"[email protected]"},"type":"participant","required":true,"label":"text.profile.0"},{"children":{"salutation":{"errors":["This value should not be blank."],"value":"","type":"choice","required":true,"label":"Title"},"firstname":{"value":"zidong","type":"text","required":true,"label":"First name"},"lastname":{"value":"su","type":"text","required":true,"label":"Last name"},"email":{"value":"[email protected]" ,"type":"email","required":true,"label":"E-Mail Address"}},"value":{"firstname":"zidong","lastname":"su","email":"[email protected]"},"type":"participant","required":true,"label":"text.profile.1"}]},"errors":[]}}} Thanks if you can help us. Nice day

How do I get a API key?

Hello, I am trying to get an API key to integrate into the adventure app we are building. How do i get a merchant key? My email is [email protected]