Removed has_passenger_info and has_extra_customer_data

In version 3.5.0 we removed the properties has_passenger_info and has_extra_customer_data from the Activity model.

Participants info for an activity

Is now possible to retrieve the participants infor needed by specific activity. The endpoint is

Extra customer data for an activity

Is now possible to retrieve the extra customer data needed for a specific activity. The endpoint si

Updated participants information schema URL

We changed the participants info schema endpoint name to make it consistent click here

Autocomplete by country

Add countries to /autocomplete?country_limit=2 suggestions

Confirm an order item that is in "Needs Confirm"

Now is possible to confirm an order item that is in "Needs Confirm".

Added flavours documentation

Added a proper description of what the flavours are in our APIs.

Refund policies on order item

A new endpoint to return the refund policies for a specific order item is available. Please see

Improved city venues pagination

Now it's possible paginate correctly the list of city venues

Added get activities

Added get activities documentation and most important the status by default.