Endpoint for Covid-19 information

Covid-19 information section is now available for all activities of TUI Musement catalog.
We implemented activities/{activityUuid}/safety-information endpoint to retrieve the Covid-19 safety measures provided and guaranteed by our activities.


Removed the activity level endpoints for extra customer data and participant info

Since the activity level endpoints for extra customer data and participant info are creating confusion in terms of correct flow, we removed from documentation.


Add the documentation to perform an order item cancellation

Here you can find the documentation to perform and order item cancellation:

New endpoint activity catalog updates

This endpoint is used to retrieve information about which activity of a specific catalog has been changed in a specific date.

Added activity destination put endpoint

Added a new endpoint to add a destination to an activity.

Added activity destination delete endpoint

Added a new endpoint to remove a destination from an activity.

New field source in POST /orders

The endpoint POST /orders has now a field called source This field can be used to specify the source of an order.
For API version before 3.5.0 we will still consider the field source in extra_data and overwrite it with the property source if present. From version 3.5.0 of the API and above only the field source will be considered.

Added activity destinations endpoint

Added new endpoint to get all destinations from an activity.

Added hotels and pickups autocomplete

Added new values "hotels" and "pickups" as the likely results of the /autocomplete endpoint.

Added relevance-external value for sorting

Added new value "relevance-external" and "-relevance-external" for "sort_by" query parameter in the /activities endpoint.
The - prefix is used for descending the result set.